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Opening a Locker

September 10th, 2014

Opening a Locker — YouTube Video Link

Directions for Opening Your Locker (Example Combination 8-20-13)

  1. Clear your lock by turning the dial several rotations to the right.
  2. After several rotations to the right, stop at your first number (in this case the #8).
  3. Next, reverse direction and begin to turn your dial to the left.
  4. After getting to your second number (in this case the #20) once, continue turning the dial to the left until you get to the #20 a second time.
  5. Next reverse the direction of the dial and begin to turn it to the right.
  6. Although you have a third combination number (in this case the #13), it is easiest to simply turn the dial to the right until it comes to a stop (this will happen just past the #13).
  7. At this point, pull your locker’s door and it should open. If not, don’t get frustrated, just repeat the process.
    • Do not turn the dial once the locker door is open. Doing that will engage the lock and prevent it from closing. If that happens, simply go through the opening process again before closing the door.
  8. Once you are done in your locker:
    • Shut the door.
    • Turn the dial to engage the lock.
    • Pull the knob to make sure the locker is closed and locked.
  9. Do not give your locker combination to anyone.
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